New Album: Chiles Rellenos

After two years of no news, I've finished a new album of songs. Yip! You can stream it and download it from SoundCloud and you can also download it as a zip file in full -- all for free. Other details and more albums to download can be found at my website.

1960s Favilla Baritone Ukulele

1920s Epiphone Banjo Ukulele

2000s Argapa Concert Ukulele

1950s Otwin Parlor Classical Guitar


1940s Vega Profundo Brazilian Rosewood Dreadnought Guitar

1956 Epiphone FT-110 Jumbo Flattop Guitar

2000 Trillium Octave Mandolin

2006 Breedlove Atlas AC250/SM-12 12-String Guitar

2014 Epiphone ES-175 Premium Hollowbody Electric Guitar

1960s Teisco Spectrum 2 Electric Guitar

1996 Martin DM Dreadnought Guitar

1990s Takamine EG-40C Cutaway Acoustic/Electric Guitar


Eye Candy Soon

I've had a crazily-busy weekend -- though I do have a bunch to show for it and will get blogging on those toys later this evening.

I also have a bunch of fresh inventory that's come in for consignment and only needs light work before sale -- including a boutique, luthier-made octave mandolin, Collings mandolin, some "nice cheap" electrics, and perhaps a violin or two. You'll see those listed, soon.

A few items have also been sort-of in limbo as I await answers from want-list folks before listing them, too. I'm thinking I'm going to abandon my want-list, right of first refusal policy, however, and simply go to the "first come, first serve" order of business. It's getting a bit ridiculous.

The "coming soon" list is going to get a major overhaul over the next week to add a ton of "back room" inventory that's awaiting repair. The most exciting non-guitar items coming very soon are three gorgeous 1890s/1900s, pearl-bedecked 5-string banjos (one of them is a Dobson with a wild "reverse donut" tonering).

As always -- Summer is a bit of a slow season. If there's something you're coveting, please give me a holler about possible sale pricing. The worst I can say is "can't-do-it!"


How big is that drum?

People coming into the store have been finding themselves shocked at the size of the lion dance drum. Here's a pic snagged of our group The Three Good Eggs with said drum riding shotgun.