1976 Martin-sold Vega Vox I Resonator Tenor Banjo

1930s Harmony-made Bruno Tiple

Workshop: Crushed Swedish Beetle

I've been finishing-off this big, lute-shaped Levin guitar (1940s) and so I figured I should post some "before" pics. This one was sent from Sweden in a box that was barely larger than the instrument itself and had the scroll of its headstock sticking out of the top of the box. It, of course, was crushed... which added insult to prior injuries that it'd had before (there was a ton of gobbledygook glue smeared all over some of the "ribs" of the back).


November: State of the Shop

Today I woke up feeling worn-out and pretty grumbly. It's that bone-chill, rain-thick, wet, icy, no-snow time of year and the never-ending grey outside was, I guess, enough to jump-start the realization that winter has set in for good.

I decided not to try to work on anything in this frame of mind and so Bonnie and I cleaned-out the Fall-era decorations from the shop, tidied-up, and began thinking about Xmas decorations. The glorious (horrible?), 1960s, glowing, hanging Santa and Reindeer display in the above picture has been in the barn for 6 or more years and I finally got around to renovating it a bit and putting it up -- to be rewarded with its headlight-bright light-from-retro-heaven burning in a smile on my face after the sun went down.

Ephemera: Bradford's Orchestra (1920s)

I love the Chinese tom, the bass-player tucked in the back alcove, the xylophone (correct me if I'm wrong), and the horn and reed players sticking out of everywhere but the floor.

Ephemera: The Yodeling Drifter (1933)

Mr. Ken had the stage subtitle of "The Yodeling Drifter" and the eBay ad I pocketed this from was pretty sure it dated to 1933 due to career moves in 1934. Note the Regal Big Boy-style archtop!

Ephemera: Aspirations (1960s)

Cat's eyes soundholes, block inlays. and lyre-style tail? Must be West German of some sort! I like the wig, too.

Ephemera: Bass Drum Eats Piano (1920s)

Ephemera: Duo Dandies (1880s)


Thanksgiving Week Hours

Winter is right around the corner. It's been snowing for the past couple days and both my in-laws and wifey are already thinking about holiday decorations for the shop. I have a feeling I'll be stringing-up faux-greens come Friday. In the meantime, enjoy this picture of a Scandi "welcome star" gifted to us just the other day!

As usual for this time of the year, we're taking the week off to argue with family (clever people will insert "just kidding" here) and will be back for regular hours on Saturday the 26th. I will be open today, Tuesday, until a little after noon and we may be opening on Friday around midday, too (though I wouldn't count on it).

As always, pop off an email if something needs asking! With the extra lounging time I may actually have time to reply! (I know, I'm terrible).

1920s Harmony-made Supertone Fancy Soprano Ukulele

1963 Gretsch 6005 Ozark Classical Guitar

Workshop: Case Problems

A fairly regular issue with old guitars is finding cases that fit them. In hard cases, that option can often simply not exist and so one has to go with the "closest choice." In this case I have to fit a couple of parlor/0 size 12-fret Oscar Schmidts to standard arched-lid Guardian cases. The Guardians have a bit of extra length for the body but the neck pocket pushes the necks right up into the lid of the case and the case won't close.

Step one? Remove the case pocket and its blocks! Unscrew any screws and then wiggle/yank those sections out.